Hondas are consistently popular cars across the United States, and New Hampshire is no exception. According to an analysis, the Honda CR-V was the most popular new vehicle in the Manchester area in 2021, and the Honda Accord and Civic joined the CR-V at the top of the list of the most popular new and used cars in the country. At Mike Brailey’s Auto Service, we know that even the most popular and reliable cars have their unique quirks and common issues. Here are a few common Honda repair problems that occur in the most popular Honda models.



A major issue reported by 2017 Honda CR-V owners is gas entering the oil drain pan. This problem can be caused by leaking or inoperative fuel injectors. If you notice that your oil smells of gasoline, have your mechanic check your fuel injectors. If your car has a rough idle or a hard start, both indicate a problem with your fuel injectors.

A common problem encountered by 2015 CR-V owners is excessive engine vibrations. Owners reported experiencing this issue both when idling and at highway speeds. Engine vibrations while idling can be the fault of worn-out or faulty spark plugs, while at highway speeds, unbalanced wheels are usually the culprit.



Owners of the 2016 Honda Civic experienced a problem that plagued many car owners from the mid-2010s: soy wire coatings. Soy wire coating is biodegradable and cheaper to produce than other wire coatings, but rodents find it delicious. Not ideal for vehicle wiring harnesses. Replacing chewed wires is an easy and inexpensive fix, but it’s best to replace the entire wiring harness to keep it from being a recurring issue.

Civics from the 2012 model year tend to have an issue with high oil consumption. This can happen to any car as time goes on and parts wear out, but the 2012 Civic is a particularly egregious offender. A common cause for oil leaks is the piston rings, and replacing the piston rings usually solves or significantly reduces the problem.



The Honda Accord has been a reliable budget-friendly vehicle for many years, and many older models are still on the road. If you have a 2008-2010 Accord, you’ll want to check if it still has its original brake system. Owners of 2008-2010 accords noticed that their brake pads were wearing down much faster than they should have. This problem turned out to be due to the brake distribution valve allowing too much force to be applied to the rear brake rotors. Accord owners solved this by updating their cars with a modern brake system.

Many owners of 2013 Accords encountered issues with the starter. The starter has been known to fail, especially on a cold start. Even if the starter does not fail completely, it can still take multiple attempts to get the engine to start. Accord owners usually have to replace the starter to resolve the issue.


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