Are you a big fan of Chevy cars? Enjoy learning about the history of famous automakers? Chevrolet was founded back in 1911 in Detriot, Michigan, and has been a reliable car manufacturer ever since. Here at Mike Brailey’s, we offer excellent Milford and Amherst auto repair to our customers every time! Now, let’s go over some of the most interesting facts about the history of Chevy cars.

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Where did the logo come from?

Did you know that wallpaper was the inspiration for the famous Chevrolet bowtie logo? Funny, right? The daughter of William C. Durant (one of the founders of Chevy!) said that her father was inspired by wallpaper at a hotel he visited in Paris. She also said that he would spend hours re-drawing the emblem, trying to get it perfect!

Chevy built the first SUV (ever!)

Nowadays, it feels like cars are only getting bigger and better in size. Did you know that Chevy built the first SUV ever? Back in 1933, the Chevrolet Suburban Carryall hit the market. This groundbreaking car design offered more seating, removable seating, and extra cargo space. Now, the Chevy Suburban is one of the longest-running vehicle lines of all time!

Panther before the Camaro

The Camaro was called the Panther before it became what we know today! Back in 1967, Chevrolet produced 50 vehicles that were known as the “Black Panther” line. They were hoping to compete with the ever-popular Ford Mustang that was released during that same period. Although, after one year, Chevy decided to change the name to Camaro.

Chevy didn’t produce civilian cars during WWII

During World War II, Chevrolet stopped producing civilian vehicles! To help with the war effort, they converted the car plants into one that could make war-related products. They created scout cars known as the T-17 Staghound, airplane engines, artillery shells, and more! Chevy did keep one plant still available for making replacement parts for civilian cars despite creating a plethora of war-related equipment and machines.

Milford & Amherst Auto Repair

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