As a car owner, you probably understand that the key to a long-lasting vehicle comes down to preventive maintenance during the life of your vehicle. With regular maintenance and timely repairs, your car can outlast expectations! When it comes to your Lexus, repair is essential. While it might cost you a few dollars at the time, taking care of your Lexus will ensure that it will last a long time.

This way, you’ll end up saving money because you don’t need to purchase a new vehicle every few years! Mike Brailey’s Auto Service is dedicated to providing you with the best quality work at affordable prices. Here are our regular Lexus repair and maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle will last.

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Fluids are important

We’re sure you know this by now. Regular fluid changes are imperative to the longevity of your car. Everything from the engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluids, and brake fluids all have to be replaced in a timely manner. It’s always a good idea to change oil levels before long trips and after a few thousand miles. When you have clean oil and fluids in your car, all the little parts can move smoothly. This prevents wear and tear from micro-particles and debris that circulate throughout your engine!

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Check your tire pressure

You’d think that the tire pressure of your vehicle wouldn’t affect so many other parts. But this just isn’t the case! The tire pressure of your Lexus affects your alignment, tie rods, and suspension over time! Plus, low pressure can result in tire blowouts at high speeds, which can be incredibly dangerous! With uneven pressure, tires can wear at different rates. The last thing you want is to need a new set of tires.

Regular Lexus Repair & Servicing

If you own a Lexus, you already know that they’re known as high-quality and valuable vehicles. So, regularly serving your car will only be for the best! Of course, wear and damage to your vehicle depends on driving habits and distance. So, make a regular plan for services based on how your handle your Lexus.

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Mike Brailey’s Lexus Repair in Milford, NH

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