As the vibrant colors of summer fade and the brisk winds of fall start to sweep through the streets, it’s time to shift our focus from beach trips to pumpkin spice lattes and, most importantly, preparing our vehicles for the challenges of colder weather. Just as you layer up with cozy sweaters, your car needs a little extra attention to ensure it cruises through the upcoming winter months smoothly. That’s where Mike Brailey’s Auto Service comes in, your trusted partner in fall auto maintenance and NH auto repair.

Is your car ready for fall? Mike Brailey’s Auto Service will make sure it is with NH auto repair.

Oil Change and Fluid Check

The foundation of any seasonal maintenance routine, an oil change is like a warm blanket for your engine. At Mike Brailey’s Auto Service, our expert technicians will replace your oil and oil filter, ensuring your engine runs smoothly during the colder months. While we’re at it, we’ll also check and top off vital fluids like coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid to keep your vehicle in top shape.

Battery Inspection and Replacement

Cold weather can be tough on your car’s battery. Our technicians will perform a comprehensive battery inspection, checking its charge and health. If necessary, we’ll replace your battery with a high-quality option to keep you powered up all season long.

Tire Maintenance

Don’t let slippery roads catch you off guard. Our team will assess your tire tread depth and pressure. We can also help you switch to winter tires for added traction and safety in the snow.

Heating System Check

A working heater is a must when the temperature drops. We’ll ensure your heating system is up to the task, ensuring you stay warm and cozy inside your vehicle.

Safety Checks

Your safety is our top priority. Our technicians will inspect brakes, belts, hoses, lights, and the exhaust system to ensure everything functions optimally.

Cooling System and Air Filters

A well-maintained cooling system and clean air filters are essential for peak performance. We’ll flush and replace your coolant as needed and ensure your air filters are clean, promoting fuel efficiency and engine health.

Get NH Auto Repair This Fall at Mike Brailey’s

With Mike Brailey’s Auto Service, you’re not just getting routine NH auto repair but investing in your peace of mind throughout the fall and winter seasons. Our experienced technicians understand your vehicle’s unique needs as the weather changes, and we’re committed to keeping you safely on the road.

Schedule NH auto repair this fall at Mike Brailey’s! Contact us today at (603) 672-8867 for a service appointment.