The season of hot summer months is approaching! Have you swapped out your winter tires yet? Or are the treads of your current tires looking a little worn? Well, it might be time to consider whether you should invest in new all-season or summer tires. At Mike Brailey’s Auto, we carry quality tires and provide excellent NH auto repair to help you stay safe on the road and get the most for your dollar. Here are some things to help you decide what type of tire to invest in!

All-Season Tires

All-season tires offer an outstanding balance of properties and performance capabilities. These tires typically are engineered, so the tread will last longer than a summer tire will. This is because the treads have a slightly deeper depth. They will perform well in both wet and dry conditions but lack the excellent traction summer tires have in the heat. Unlike a summer tire, you can use all-season tires through the winter months as well. But, for extreme snow and icy conditions, they will not perform as well as heavy-duty winter tires. 

Summer Tires

Summer tires are ideal for high-performance in speed and handling abilities. They provide increased responsiveness, excellent cornering, and braking capabilities due to special tread patterns and material. The rubber is more flexible than other tires, allowing them to hold a perfect grip on the road. They perform very well in both dry and wet road conditions. The big difference between summer tires and all-season tires is that they are built explicitly for hot temperatures. As a result, they are not meant for winter weather conditions and can be unsafe to drive in the winter. 

What will you choose?

So, you have a choice between all-season or summer tires. But, if you do go with the performance of a summer tire during the warm months, a set of winter tires are necessary to drive safely in our slippery NH winters!

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Choose Mike Brailey’s for NH Auto Repair

Here at Mikey Brailey’s Auto, we can help you choose the suitable model for your vehicle and driving habits. It doesn’t matter how expensive or loved your vehicle is; performance depends on the condition and quality of the tires you drive on. For affordable pricing and professional NH auto repair, call us at (603) 672-886.