If you’re worried you may need a new transmission, your local NH Auto Repair mechanics can help. You can easily schedule an appointment with us at Mike Brailey’s Auto to get your transmission checked. However, if you’re not quite sure whether your transmission is the issue, here are a few ways you can rule out this issue. Don’t stress out just yet – check to see whether you need a transmission repair with these three signs. 

milford auto repairThe Transmission: Why Is It Important?

To begin with, your car’s transmission is made up of five or six gear sets and a series of belts or chains we call “gear trains”. The transmission allows the driver to control the power delivered to the wheels without changing how fast the engine needs to run. 

Did you know? The transmission ensures that your engine moves at the correct speed, making sure your wheels get the correct amount of power. 

auto repairThree Signs For A Transmission Repair

It’s an obvious fact that all vehicles will require maintenance as they age. Annual maintenance can ensure the health and longevity of your car and its efficiency. Annual maintenance is always recommended for this reason. However, if you’ve gone a little while without maintenance, a few issues can turn into a huge one, costing thousands of dollars and even more stress! 

While transmission repairs are easy to schedule, they’re always preferred to a complete replacement, as this is extremely costly. If you think your transmission needs repair, there are a few ways to tell. Apart from an engine light, a few signs include:

  • You notice a burnt smell when checking your fluid: If you change your own fluids, you may notice your transmission fluid has a burnt smell or a cloudy brown color. Your transmission fluid should look bright red and have a syrupy thickness.


  • You notice leaking fluid: You should always pay attention to the underneath of your vehicle. If you notice fluid pooling, this can signify a transmission issue.


  • The transmission is slipping: There may be a loud thunk noise when you put it in the drive in an automatic transmission. However, if there is a problem with a manual transmission, you may notice you’re having a hard time shifting gears. The shifter may even pop out of gear continuously.

amherst auto repairYour Local NH Auto Repair – Mike Brailey’s Auto

Are you looking for a reliable transmission repair for your vehicle? Schedule your appointment at Mike Brailey’s! The longer you wait to repair an auto issue, the more costly the repair can become! We offer professional auto services at Mike Brailey’s Auto Service, including transmission repairs, oil checks, NH inspections, and more! 

Think you need a transmission repair? Don’t wait! Schedule an appointment with Mike Brailey’s Auto.