There are a lot of different models of vehicles on the market. Since 1930, Toyota cars have been one of the most popular choices and exported car brands. In most cases, people go after vehicles for quality, cost of ownership, and reliability! But at the end of the day, there’s no denying that Toyota repair and maintenance are inevitable! Mike Brailey’s Auto is Milford’s go-to expert for car repair on your trusty Toyota!

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History of Toyota Dependability 

One of the initial factors that drove people to purchase Toyota cars was affordability. They had quality and affordable cars that were perfect for families across the country. As the years went on, Toyota owners began to notice the long-term reliability of their vehicles! Thus, the company has been able to stay afloat and ahead of the game through disasters and economic instability. 

Toyota Repair

So, we’ve gone over how dependable these cars can be. Alas, they still require routine servicing! Now, let’s hop over to the most common repairs we see from Toyota owners.


With regular use, brakes wear out over time. It’s just the nature of how they work! Therefore, this is a top repair for all cars. Most cars should replace their brakes at least once every 50,000 miles. Although, if you ever hear squeaking or grinding or feel vibrations from the brakes, they should be inspected and replaced.

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Oil Changes

One of the easiest ways to guarantee the longevity of your vehicle is regular oil changes. All cars need the engine to stay lubricated to run correctly! Moreover, if you smell burning oil or hear clunking noises, it’s time to take your vehicle into the shop. The mechanics at Mike Brailey’s are experts in Toyota repair.

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Many cars nowadays come with n collection of electrical sensors. Some of these sensors can even trigger the dreaded check engine light. Regardless, it’s imperative to have Toyota experts take a look at your vehicle. It could be a severe problem that needs to be fixed! The last thing you want to do is wait until it’s too late.

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At Mike Brailey’s Auto, you can expect more than the typical auto repair shop experience. We can take care of your Toyota repair in no time. Call us at (603) 672-8867 to make an appointment.