Mini Coopers have been gaining in popularity since they were reintroduced to the US auto market in 2001 (new emissions regulations in the late 1960s temporarily prohibited Mini Cooper sales in the United States). Regular Mini Cooper repair and maintenance can be pricey compared to other cars, but most Mini Cooper owners know going in that Minis are more expensive cars and are ready to accept the cost. Our auto repair professionals at Mike Brailey’s Auto Service are ready for all Mini Cooper repair needs If you have had your eye on a Mini, here are a few common repair and maintenance issues that you might encounter.


Power steering pump failure

Mini Cooper was acquired by BMW in 1996, and while German cars are known for reliability, they are not without their repair problems. The power steering pump was part of a recall on Minis from 2002 to 2005 model years. Failure of the power steering pump is usually caused by low fluid or a faulty coolant fan. If the power steering pump fails it usually needs to be replaced. If your Mini needs its power steering pump replaced, it is a good idea to have the coolant fan and belts checked, too, as the front of the vehicle will need to be disassembled to complete the repair, anyway.


Timing chain movement

Mini Coopers are prone to loose timing chains at relatively low mileage. The timing chain becomes loose as it wears down can cause noise and vibration in the engine. If a loose timing chain is left unaddressed for too long, it can snap and cause further and more severe engine damage. Timing chains are made to fit and cannot be tightened; they have to be replaced. If your timing chain breaks, it can keep your engine from starting or cause it to fail while driving.


Water pump leak

Mini Coopers are known to spring leaks in their water pumps after about 50,000 miles. Leaks in the water pump cause gunk and rust to build up on the pump. Buildup on the pump will make it less efficient at moving coolant through the engine. Mini Cooper’s water pumps are prone to leaks. Therefore, many Mini owners will preemptively replace the water pump rather than risking it failing later on.


Mini Cooper repair at Mike Brailey’s

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