In New England, it’s essential to have a car that handles well in the snow. But it’s not enough to just have the car, you need it to be in good condition so you can be ready to drive it. There are many car makes that are good for winter driving, including Volvos. If you have a Volvo that you rely on in the winter, you’ll want to keep on top of common repair issues. Even the best cars need repairs, and there’s no better place to bring your car than Mike Brailey’s Auto when you need reliable Volvo repair.

Here are some common Volvo repair issues to look out for.

Transmission Problems

Most Volvos on the road have automatic transmissions, and some Volvo models have problems with erratic gear shifting. Volvos have more complex automatic transmissions than some other cars because they have a power-shift transmission system. This is similar to having two parallel manual gearboxes. If your Volvo has problems with erratic gear shifting, the fix could require a software update, or it could be as simple as changing the transmission fluid.

Fuse Box Corrosion

Volvos are susceptible to corrosion in the fuse box because of where the fuse box is located. In most Volvo models, the fuse box is under the dashboard. Water from outside tends to get trapped in there, leading to corrosion and electrical failures.

Engine Overheating

A major problem that plagues many Volvos is the engine overheating. The most common reason for the engine overheating is issues with the cooling fan. Sometimes this is a software issue rather than a hardware problem. A trained technician can update the software to adjust the fan speed. If the problem is not with the cooling fan, low coolant is the next most common culprit.

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