When it comes to NH auto repair, the winter season is one of the most imperative. At Mike Brailey’s Automotive, our team is here to help make your winter driving season is a safe one. While different makes and models have unique requirements, there are specific items that unite all vehicles. Before the icy, salty roads are upon us, here are a few considerations for wintertime New England driving preparations.

Know Your Tires

Unless your riding on all-season tires, it’s time to schedule your appointment with Mike Brailey’s. By scheduling an appointment, our team will quickly remove your summer tires for reliable winter ones. With confidence in higher levels of safety, you can rest assured when the treacherous road conditions arrive.

Furthermore, changing your tires presents the opportunity for other services. From tire balancing to tread inspection, to assessing the overall health of your braking components, we will ensure your vehicle is ready for winter conditions.

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Don’t get stuck with a cold vehicle

Chances are, you won’t be turning on your cooling system this winter. However, your heating and cooling systems work as one. While the cooling side helps regulate the engine’s temperature, your heating system maintains the warmth New Englanders require!

Even if you think your systems are in top condition, having your heating and cooling system inspected is always a good idea. The last thing you want is to be stuck on a cold morning with no means to remove ice or stay warm!

Fluid checks are crucial

Finally, you will want to have your vehicle’s fluids checked over. From your oil to your braking fluid, and everything in between, all fluids play a critical role in your vehicle’s operation. With a trip to Mike Brailey’s Automotive, our team will check, flush, and fill anything needing a little TLC.

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At Mike Brailey’s Automotive, we have the experience and equipment needed to help you get your vehicle ready for winter! For more information on winter NH auto repair, or to schedule your appointment, give our team a call today at (603) 672-8867.