If you own a Mini Cooper, you probably love it. They are great-looking cars that are fun to drive. And since a German company purchased the British car manufacturer, Mini Coopers now have all the advantages of German engineering. But even the best cars have problems and repair needs. We’ve covered some common Mini Cooper repair issues before, but there are a few more that you should know about if you own one of these cars.

Let’s take look at some more common Mini Cooper Repair issues.

Transmission Problems

One of the selling points of Mini Coopers is that they require very little maintenance, but that can cause problems down the road, particularly with your transmission. If you don’t change the transmission fluid regularly, the transmission can malfunction and bring the car to a standstill. Many Mini Coopers have CVT automatic transmissions, which require you to change the fluid every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

Clutch Failure

If your Mini Cooper has a manual transmission, clutch failure is something that you need to watch out for. Damage to the clutch is usually due to extreme wear and tear or hard use. It’s not as common as some other repair problems, but it is more serious. Repairing or rebuilding a transmission is an expensive complicated process that you want to avoid if you can. If you notice your transmission is acting up, have your mechanic check it out right away.

Exhaust Pipe Damage

Some older Mini Cooper models have crinkled-shaped exhaust pipes that are prone to damage. These pipes have smaller diameters, so they expel air fumes at slower rates. Fumes can build up inside the exhaust pipes, leading to malfunctions and damage. Buildup from exhaust can cause corrosion in the pipes and make your engine run inefficiently.

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