The temperatures are beginning to cool down with the wintery months approaching. You will need to make sure that your car is ready to bear those freezing temperatures both outside and inside. That is why our technicians at Mike Brailey’s Auto are here. Here is why it is crucial that you make sure that your car heating and cooling systems are in top-notch condition so that you do not end up like the icicles outside. 

Fun Fact About Your Heating System

Car heating and cooling systems are a more critical part of the overall health of your vehicle. Many people don’t realize it, but the heaters in your car play a significant role in keeping your engine cool. On cold days, your heater is used to warm you and your passengers. While on hot days, it is working hard to keep your car’s engine from overheating. 

Importance of Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance is essential for several reasons. First, your vehicle should be kept up on anything, even if you are not using it. Think of it this way, if you stop using something, the chances are that when you find that object again, it is not going to work. Car heating and cooling systems run in just about the same way. If it is not used or taken care of properly, it will break. 

How Does It Work?

Your heating and cooling system is a combination of a heater core, blower fan, and a thermostat which are all located in a hard-to-reach area that is under the dashboard of your car. This means that if these elements go wrong, it will not only be costly for the parts, but it could also mean many hours of labor to pull everything out and get those parts replaced. In addition, keeping up the maintenance of your system reduces the risk of other things such as compressor failure and topics of your own health such as allergic reactions or even breathing problems due to fumes being released into your car.

How Do You Take Care of Your Car’s System?

There are a couple of simple things that you can do to reduce the stress on your car. For one, make sure that your vehicle always has plenty of antifreeze and that the fluid looks yellow/green and not “burnt.” Additionally, keep the radiator clean to make certain dirt does not seep in. Lastly, you will need to have your air filter changed every so often. This will double the protection to the airflow in your car. 

Car Heating and Cooling Systems with Mike Brailey’s 

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